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> that's the meson based build - you can just use it as-is and copy & paste... 
> :)

I was under the impression that meson building wasn't quite working
yet for efl. I just gave it a go, and it wants a more recent version
of meson, anyway...

> you did want an explanation... :)

Thanks for the info-dump, that's exactly what i was looking for! Would
it be safe to just enable "everything" in efl, or would there be
And, related, i just checked "glxinfo" in a wayland session (Ubuntu
has a login option for gnome in either wayland or xorg) and noticed it
was running the "mesa project and sgi" version instead of the nvidia
one i have in xorg. Does that mean not hardware accelerated (or at
least, not by my video card)?

It looks like there are some more things for me to work out before i
give wayland another shot.

On switching back, i seem to have messed something up... i've deleted
everything in /usr/local/ that got installed in the past few days, did
a "make clean", and "configure" with my usual options, "make", "make
install" for efl-1.21.1 and enlightenment-0.22.4 (released versions),
and now i can't login! I can start a bare X session, and run
enlightenment_start from an xterm, but this is hardly ideal. Trying to
start it from gdm directly just dumps me back at the login screen. Any
suggestions? I made sure to remove the
/usr/share/wayland-sessions/enlightenment.desktop file i had added, so
it's not trying to run a wayland session and failing (i think...?).
And "enlightenment_remote -desktop-show 2 1" now gives an error:

Error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: Method "Show" with
signature "ii" on interface "org.enlightenment.wm.Desktop" doesn't


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