On Thu, Jan 10, 2019 at 1:39 PM Carsten Haitzler <ras...@rasterman.com> wrote:
> As usual - wayland stuff is kind of new and experimental so I'd advise using
> git master for that.
> as for how to compile - look at the aur git pkgs:

Ok, i'll give it a shot :) Couple of quick questions:

For EFL, are "--enable-egl" and "--enable-gl-drm" not needed, then?
What configure option does "-Dbuffer=true" correspond to?
Does "-Dopengl=es-egl" mean "--with-opengl=es"? Because i don't see
any other options besides "full" or "none".

I have to admit, i'm a little lost on the differences and requirements
for opengl, gl-drm, egl, es-egl, etc. Is there by any chance a short
reference to all these terms?


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