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> On Fri, Jan 11, 2019 at 3:24 AM Carsten Haitzler <ras...@rasterman.com> wrote:
> > that's the meson based build - you can just use it as-is and copy &
> > paste... :)
> I was under the impression that meson building wasn't quite working
> yet for efl. I just gave it a go, and it wants a more recent version
> of meson, anyway...

it's been working a charm for me for months now... :) little things here and
there have been fixed, but it's pretty much good.

> > you did want an explanation... :)
> Thanks for the info-dump, that's exactly what i was looking for! Would
> it be safe to just enable "everything" in efl, or would there be
> conflicts?

there will be. read the hel output and readme which covers some options too.

> And, related, i just checked "glxinfo" in a wayland session (Ubuntu
> has a login option for gnome in either wayland or xorg) and noticed it
> was running the "mesa project and sgi" version instead of the nvidia
> one i have in xorg. Does that mean not hardware accelerated (or at
> least, not by my video card)?

i don't know - not enough details, BUT glxinfo would be going fix x. you'd have
the xserver (xwayland) handling that and the xwayland server presents wayland
surfaces to the wayland compositor without a root window being visible as a
compatibility path for older x apps. it depends on what xwayland has done to
enable acceleration or not.

i have since moved on from all nvidia devices mostly due to the pretty poor
state of nouveau and nvidia's reluctance to follow years of advice from the OSS
community on what to do to support wayland (implement the gbm support that mesa
has - they asked what to do, were told to do this, then a year or whatever
later came back with something entirely different - eglstreams.). efl and
enlightenment don't support eglstreams and we have no plans to do so. so no
nvidia drivers for wayland for us - just nouveau, and they have been pretty
poor in my experience with regular kernel lockups and slowdowns (system seems
to hang the kernel in some timeout operations and userspace goes down to like
1/100th of normal speed whilst the screen is blank or hung on the last frame).

> It looks like there are some more things for me to work out before i
> give wayland another shot.
> On switching back, i seem to have messed something up... i've deleted
> everything in /usr/local/ that got installed in the past few days, did
> a "make clean", and "configure" with my usual options, "make", "make
> install" for efl-1.21.1 and enlightenment-0.22.4 (released versions),
> and now i can't login! I can start a bare X session, and run
> enlightenment_start from an xterm, but this is hardly ideal. Trying to
> start it from gdm directly just dumps me back at the login screen. Any
> suggestions? I made sure to remove the
> /usr/share/wayland-sessions/enlightenment.desktop file i had added, so
> it's not trying to run a wayland session and failing (i think...?).
> And "enlightenment_remote -desktop-show 2 1" now gives an error:

I don't really know what gdm does. I haven't used gdm in maybe a decade or
more. :) if enlightenment_start runs, then e runs. whatever is trying to launch
e is somehow getting something wrong and getting logs and info from what it's
doing is the key to finding out.

> Error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: Method "Show" with
> signature "ii" on interface "org.enlightenment.wm.Desktop" doesn't
> exist

did you not load the msgbus module that extends e's dbus api with some more
calls like this? :)

> Thanks,
> -Conrad.
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