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> On Sat, Jan 12, 2019 at 9:48 AM Carsten Haitzler <ras...@rasterman.com> wrote:
> &gt; it's been working a charm for me for months now... :) little
> things here and
> &gt; there have been fixed, but it's pretty much good.
> Ok, got it working :)
> I now have a build that will run under either Wayland or Xorg, based
> on which session i choose to log in. This is based on the efl and
> enlightenment from git, using the efl configuration parameters from
> that AUR archive (without any of the disabler ones set).
> However, now i still have my original two problems: an extra cursor
> image in the middle of the screen, and no control over the window
> borders. In fact, under the window menu, the "border" entry is
> missing. If i go into "locks", "do not allow border change" is
> checked. Unchecking it brings back the "border" entry, but top option,
> "select border style", is missing.

borders in wayland are not provided by the wm - they are CSD (client side
decorations). at least wayland clients do CSD. x apps will get a border like ye
olde x, so don't expect getting e's border things to work in wayland - they are
not meant or designed to. :) well not with wayland clients...

> The ghost cursor appears where the cursor was positioned on the login
> screen before hitting enter after typing my password. If i switch back
> to gdm's login screen, move the cursor around, then switch back, the
> ghost cursor is in the new position. I can get rid of it by switching
> to a vt that doesn't have this cursor and then back to e (wayland).
> This may be a gdm3 problem, but a gnome wayland session doesn't show
> it.

right now i'm wondering if this is a driver issue with nouveau+kms/drm. not
specifically the gl stack bits but basic plane/buffer handling? i don't see
this on my other devices... :(

> The window border problem is the bigger issue: e seems to draw borders
> whether or not windows should have them, and there doesn't seem to be
> any way to remove them.
> Thanks,
> -Conrad.
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