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As usual - wayland stuff is kind of new and experimental so I'd advise using
git master for that.

as for how to compile - look at the aur git pkgs:


:) That should get you up to date on the options. Indeed that wiki page is not
up to date

> I've followed the instructions on this page:
> https://www.enlightenment.org/about-wayland
> adding the necessary configure options. (Note:
> --enable-wayland-clients and --enable-wayland-egl for enlightenment's
> configure are not recognised. I used --enable-wayland instead.)
> I'm using efl 1.21.1 and enlightenment 0.22.4.
> Everything seems to work, except for these two problems:
> 1) There's a big, fat arrow cursor in the center of the screen. I
> would say it's the default X cursor, but this is wayland... It's
> separate from the normal cursor, which functions as expected. It's a
> static cursor image that appears on top of everything else.

git :)

> 2) Window decorations appear to be broken! I have a borderless
> terminology window, and completely decoration-free conky windows open
> on startup, and they all have borders and drop shadow. Programs (such
> as Chrome) that manage their own decorations and positioning also have
> an enlightenment border added, creating a double-border effect, and
> their positioning over-ridden.

try git. i use it very often on a range of ARM boards and all of this works.
Out of the box.

> Are there fixes or configuration settings to correct either of these?
> Another quick question -- that same web page mentions a wayland-only
> option, but the link to those instructions says it's not safe for
> everyday use. Is this still the case? Obviously, until the above
> problems are fixed, i'm not about to compile enlightenment without X
> support.

I've never enabled wayland only. I want xwayland to work so there is x
compatibility for apps/toolkits that cant do wayland yet. :)

> Thanks,
> -Conrad.
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