On 1/12/19 9:44 PM, Conrad Knight wrote:

However, now i still have my original two problems: an extra cursor
image in the middle of the screen, and no control over the window
borders. In fact, under the window menu, the "border" entry is
missing. If i go into "locks", "do not allow border change" is
checked. Unchecking it brings back the "border" entry, but top option,
"select border style", is missing.

The ghost cursor appears where the cursor was positioned on the login
screen before hitting enter after typing my password. If i switch back
to gdm's login screen, move the cursor around, then switch back, the
ghost cursor is in the new position. I can get rid of it by switching
to a vt that doesn't have this cursor and then back to e (wayland).
This may be a gdm3 problem, but a gnome wayland session doesn't show

The window border problem is the bigger issue: e seems to draw borders
whether or not windows should have them, and there doesn't seem to be
any way to remove them.

I use enlightenment-git wayland (Arch/Arch Aur) every day, it works.
What is your distro, is it updated?


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