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EVLN: Tesla CEO Sez A More Expensive 500mi EV 'could be quite soon' 

I thought why would Tesla make a 500 mi EV? Tesla is smart enough to ignore
the ignorant media's insanity for more and more range. I thought , there has
to be a business motivation for even mentioning it.

A 500mi pack recharged at level-3 (L3) would reach its 80% point the fastest
before the charging current would need to be reduced/tapered. So, 80% of
500mi is 400mi. 

A quick 400mi recharge would let a Tesla EV grab the 7 CARB credits that the
Automakers and Big-Oil manipulated CARB to have for their fcvs. 

<digress> A 300+ mile recharge in 15 minutes seems a guarantee to continue
that same ol' energy-wasting-addiction in the U.S.> there definitely isn't
any planet-saving going-on if everyone still has the ability to burn up huge
amounts of energy.
</digress off>

Increasing the kW capacity of a pack will increase its recharge time if the
charging rate stays the same. Since the recharge time has to be halved, and
the pack capacity doubled, it seems the electrical power needed to recharge
it will be four fold (4x as much).

The amount of power required to recharge a 500mi EV to 80% (400mi regained)
in 15min is available at a Tesla Superstation already, if the 500mi EV used
several couplers at one time.

Below are a couple of pages from a year ago discussing a charging a Tesla in
5 minutes.

[dated 2013]
Tesla Says Sub 10-Minute Supercharging is Possible
Jul 19, 2013  by Eric Loveday

Can a Tesla Model S be charged in 10 minutes?
[image] Tesla’s Proposed by 2015 Supercharger Sites

How about in 5 minutes?

Tesla’s chief technology officer, JB Straubel,seems to think so, but don’t
count on it being a possibility anytime soon.

In an exclusive Supercharger-related interview with MIT Technology Review,
Straubel stated:

    “It’s not going to happen in a year from now. It’s going to be hard. But
I think we can get down to five to 10 minutes.”

Why then would one need battery swapping?  You probably wouldn’t if a 5 to
10-minute charge was possible.

But it’s not.  Maybe it is possible, but feasible?

The current Supercharges out there deliver up to 120 kW.  If Tesla scaled
that up to charge a Model S in 10 minutes, then we’d be looking at something
like 720 kW.  The heat generated while charging would be a major issue at
720 kW.  To which Straubel says this:

    “To do that kind of charging, everything has to be designed and working
in perfect synchrony.”

But perhaps the biggest hurdle to overcome at that rate would be the sheer
size and weight of the required charging cable.  We’re looking at something
in the 1,500-volt and 480-amp range to carry those 720 kW.  That cable would
be a monster and we see no way around this problem.

In Tesla’s defense, Straubel says that the current 120-kW Supercharger
“seemed pretty crazy even 10 years ago” when conventional chargers delivered
under 10kW.  So, maybe this theoretical 720 kW Supercharger is possible…in

But what’s the work-around solution for the size and heft of the cable?  We
don’t see one.  Do you?
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Tesla Aims to Charge Electric Cars in Five Minutes
By Kevin Bullis  July 16, 2013 
 ... Straubel stated: “ I think we can get down to five to 10 minutes.”
300+ mi range & recharge in 15min = 7 credits

Views, comments, corrections welcome :-)

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