Mark has no interest whether it is simpler to use Hydrogen or not.
He even does not care that the use of Hydrogen will increase the amount
of CO2 being burned (so, it is a disaster for the environment).
He is promoting Hydrogen - that is all. Look up his profile and you will

I urge all members of this forum to once again adhere to the earlier
decision to avoid Hydrogen as a topic, because it is.... explosive.

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On Jul 27, 2014, at 10:39 AM, Mark Abramowitz <>

> I've seen an animation of such a device for natural gas dispensing,
and am told it could just as easily be done for hydrogen.

How does that address what I said?  I've seen animations of the
Incredible Hulk, that doesn't support the proposition that it could
"just as easily be done for X."

> But we know that whatever is being talked about... trip to the moon,
world peace, cold fusion... you will be certain that it is "simpler,
cheaper, and easier than hydrogen."

So, prove me wrong.  What is it about hydrogen that you think is easier
to move than electrons?


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