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> In Tesla’s defense, Straubel says that the current 120-kW Supercharger
> “seemed pretty crazy even 10 years ago” when conventional chargers delivered
> under 10kW.  So, maybe this theoretical 720 kW Supercharger is possible…in
> time.
> But what’s the work-around solution for the size and heft of the cable?  We
> don’t see one.  Do you?

Oh, that's easy. If you want to go the science fiction route: superconductors. 
Massive hunks of copper at the plug coupled to a needle-thin ultracold wire of 
exotic material in a well-insulated sheath of circulating liquid nitrogen / 
helium / whatever.

The engineering would be crazy. A quench event could be quite dramatic, but 
presumably safety mechanisms would shut down the current long before the 
temperature reached the critical point. A coupling that conducted electricity 
but not heat would, I'm sure, also be quite the challenge. And the overall 
system efficiency, what with the energy needed to circulate the insanely-cold 
coolant and all, would suck.

But if you didn't care about any of that and have unlimited funds to throw at 
it, it shouldn't be a problem to create a megawatt electric "gas" pump that 
operates like today's hydrocarbon ones.

Or, back here on planet Earth, you could go a much more practical route: just 
support the massive copper cable with some swinging cantilever arms. Many gas 
pumps already have a simple variation on this theme; see this stock photo for 
an example:


Take all the weight off it, and it's...well...weightless.

Worst case? Just have an industrial robot plug the cable in. Pull your car up, 
stay inside the car for five minutes if you don't feel like getting out, and 
pull away when the signals it's done by re-enabling drive control. It'd be the 
return of full-service "gas" stations, but without the pimply-faced teenagers.


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