I would say, that electrons are much easier to move than Hydrogen, and I
have some experience, I do wiring, and a sloppy tape job works, to direct
the electrons, on the correct path. But, fluids or gasses seem intent on
escaping, so I have to be much more careful in making connections, for them
not to leak, and plastic tape is not effective, even with water at 50 psi,
so 2,000 psi hydrogen, is much more difficult, to prevent leakage. And
Hydrogen, has so small a molecule, that is even slips in between the
molecules of steel, and escapes slowly out of a steel tank. So if your
garage ceiling, isn't vented outside, don't park the Fool Cell Vehicle  in
your garage. "Hindenburg Fire Anxiety!"
We call the various alternatives: BEV, HEV, PiHEV, but, isn't a FCV
actually a FCHEV ? Not a FCV? And aren't PiFCHEV a reasonable possibility?
(Because of the 150% increase in energy efficiency in charging the pack
battery from "the mains" or "Utility" or Solar" (and others...) in place of
using the Fool Cell and Hydrogen to charge the pack.) As stated by others
the separation of hydrogen from water is about 75% efficient energy
transfer and 25% waste.

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On Sun, Jul 27, 2014 at 1:58 PM, Bill Woodcock via EV <ev@lists.evdl.org>

> On Jul 27, 2014, at 10:39 AM, Mark Abramowitz <ma...@enviropolicy.com>
> wrote:
> > I've seen an animation of such a device for natural gas dispensing, and
> am told it could just as easily be done for hydrogen.
> How does that address what I said?  I've seen animations of the Incredible
> Hulk, that doesn't support the proposition that it could "just as easily be
> done for X."
> > But we know that whatever is being talked about... trip to the moon,
> world peace, cold fusion... you will be certain that it is "simpler,
> cheaper, and easier than hydrogen."
> So, prove me wrong.  What is it about hydrogen that you think is easier to
> move than electrons?
>                                 -Bill
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