You really think that tire shops would not be working on the millions of
Hybrid vehicles out there? There is no difference between the ~300V from
2001 Prius or any other of the many Hybrid vehicles and that from a 2012
Leaf or any of the many other pure EVs.
If the tire shops are not allowed to work on any of those cars then they
will soon face their market being taken over...

BTW, I had no problem even 8 years ago, to get a new set of tires
mounted on my Prius by a tire shop... Maybe I should pull the service
disconnect next time and ask them to push the car around? They will
(not) be amused....
Only the body shop asked me to pull the disconnect as they were used to
work on disabled cars, when they started working on my previous Prius
which I bought with front-end damage that the body shop cleaned up
But they were actually working in the engine bay...

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ED, did the "Tire Shop" have techs certified for working at over 60
That is required by OSHA. Your permitting them to work on your Leaf may
result in your being sued for wrongful death if they touched a wrong

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On Sun, Jul 27, 2014 at 5:53 PM, Ed Blackmond via EV <>

> I recommend a Nissan Leaf. It's not a compliance car and you should be
> able to get one where you are.
> As for maintenance and repairs, I don't think that is going to be much
> an issue. My Leaf is almost three years old with 33,700 miles. The
> maintenance or repairs it has needed are a pair of tires two weeks
ago, I
> went to a tire shop rather than a Nissan dealer.
> Ed
> On Jul 27, 2014, at 2:04 PM, harry henderson via EV
> wrote:
> > does any one have any insight or experience on acquiring commercial
> in non-compliance states.  for example if i wanted the chevy spark in
> mexico is my only option to buy one in CA and drive/transport it to
>  once in NM will the local dealerships provide support such as
> or repairs?
> >
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