I heard more than one report of early Prius days where a Prius tech from

has to dress with high voltage gloves, tie a safety harness around him
with a rope

that was held by a second person, so he could be pulled away from a

high-voltage situation if that would expose itself, so that the tech was
allowed to....

reach into the trunk and remove the plastic service disconnect!


Uhm, I have no problem (and have done this many times) doing this with
bare hands,

since not only is the battery voltage isolated and therefor no current
can flow, but the

plastic handle of the service disconnect is really safe - safer in fact
than the plug

that you stick in the wall outlet without even thinking about it, for
example when vacuuming,

pluggin in your razor, hair dryer, toaster, you name it...


There is *safe* work that you can do on a car with a HV pack, and there
is *unsafe* work

that sometimes needs to be done. The latter involves working on the HV
wiring and

battery, when it may not be guaranteed that the battery has actually
disconnected and

everything is powered down.
However, as linemen know - there are ways to make sure you are safe.

That often involves simply short circuiting to ground the parts that
should not be live,

so that if they are, the fuse will take care of making it safe and they
never touch live power.


I am sure that in your training, you will present many more ways to stay



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I have no trouble believing such an onerous regulation exists.  One has
to wonder however, what astoundingly difficult certification is required
to work on cars that carry enough explosive liquid fuel to destroy an
entire building and everyone in it.  You must have to study and train
for years to get that.


<snark off>



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