First of all for those of you that don't know the bay area including it seems 
Cor(who lives close by) there are many micro climates.  My neighborhood is very 
sunny most of the day almost every day.  The fog comes in at night.  There are 
famous pictures of the fog cresting Noe Valley.  So sun is not a problem and as 
a matter of fact I have a south facing hill 4 blocks from my house which would 
be perfect if I wanted more concentrated energy.  I am no noobie  Lawrence 
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  I have a dozen ev projects under my belt as well as veggie diesel projects.  
I sold my Aspire for 3k and could buy it back for 1.5 but it is just too heavy 
for my purposes. (BTW it is in Santa Cruz CA and is a super bargain for someone 
interested in a daily driver.(it would be awsome with a leaf pack) $1500.00. It 
did much service taking kids to school in the last decade.  It is at 144vdc 
very peppy.(leaves beamers in the dust for half a block)  It's just not nice 
and shinny. So a paint job and body work is needed)   Possibly EVen Dave Clouds 
Dolphin with a Leaf pack which would put the car at 17 or 18 hundred pounds  
still might be too heavy.  I think something like Lynch put together might be 
the ticket just wider and longer.  Of course it could go the other way and 
maybe just 750 watts of panel on a very faired motorcycle might also work but 
it can't be aero and safe with out out riggers like eTracer or the Lit C1.    
So I think its a numbers game.  Do the math & build the vehicle.  It's the only 
way to go.  I suspect a towed array and panels on the vehicle will do it.  Just 
not sure of the combo.....or my budget.  Look what Dave Cloud did with 3 grand 
and an idea.   I already have solar on my roof.  It's time for the power to be 
autonomous & add to what I'm putting back into the grid. Shade sh made.  I'm 
doing it. Don't forget Stella consumes 55wh per mile. Can drive 40 mph and not 
use energy from the pack. I have a goal.  Just no telling how close I can come. 
But that being said if I had a leaf pack in my Aspire and 3k of Solar that is 7 
hours of charging to full.....hmmm maybe I should go that way. It would cost 10 
k or so for the panels, 2500 for the leaf pack and then there is the charger 
and BMS.  However what a project.    Lawrence Rhodes....
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