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> Your needs may differ but, for me, unequivocally the charge time is more 
> important.

I'm not discounting the importance of charge time. It's just my understanding 
that the batteries today aren't the limiting factor in charging. Actually 
getting the current out of the wall without melting the wires and setting the 
house (or the charger or whatever) on fire.

It makes sense, too. Figure a car is going to need at least in the range of 
~50HP / 50 kW to have not absolutely pathetically anemic performance. If you've 
got a 50A circuit, you still need a kilovolt. If you've got a 250V outlet, you 
still need a 200A circuit. Either way, you're looking at something comparable 
to the main feed at the meter from the utility, just to keep up with the car's 
power potential. And, no, you're not typically driving full-throttle...but 
you're still drawing an awful lot of current on the freeway. If you want to 
charge as fast as you draw...you're going to need something that significantly 
outpaces the main line to your house.

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