I've recently learned from a post made on eBay by another Rav4EV owner that
the pack is approximately 27kw.  My off-the-cuff calculations of 288v
nominal and 98 ah batteries suggest that the post is missing correct
nomenclature. I'm not sure I'm using the right numbers and terminology
either.  The voltage climbs over 300 during charging, although I can't
recall how high. 24 batteries in the pack, nickel metal hydride, "antique"
technology to be sure, but quite a development when it appeared on the
market, prior to being squelched.

I'm amused about the 300,000 mile claim in the eBay advertisement. That
must have been one perfectly treated battery pack, perhaps never charged
beyond 80 percent and kept in a cool, dry place all the time.

The one in the eBay posting is in California, already at more than thirteen
hundred bucks. I'll be surprised if it goes over five grand and if someone
handed me five big ones today, they'd have it in a blink.

Because I'm a light-footed driver, I've been able to manage five miles or
better per kilowatt-hour, 200 watt-hours per mile?  I think that was the
calculation. The Palm m55 running Rav4Info shows current draw, voltage of
the pack (min, max, avg) and other useful pieces of data. I think one of
the data points is amp-hours. By using regen even on flat ground, I usually
brought back as much as 20 percent of the energy I used. The Rav4Info shows
that as well.

You won't have a problem with finding space in the pack to put the lithium
chemistry batteries, but my understanding is the car computers, locked to
Toyota proprietary communications, will not cooperate in such a conversion.
The charge profile is substantially different, especially every tenth full
charge, as it would saturate the lithium pack to the point of destruction.
A picture will be available for one week here:

Parts are pretty much a thing of the past. I had to purchase two used
temperature sensors from BatteryMD in order to replace the failed one. I
discovered that this particular pack was rebuilt with Ford Ranger EV
batteries, identical except for the sensors. Not a single retail dealer had
the item in stock or could order it. There's a similar model on eBay
listing for three grand with a failed inverter. That's a heck of a lot of
money for a non-driver, although if parted out, might be recoverable. I
believe the controller and DC/DC inverter are integrated into the
under-hood suitcase, a water cooled heat sink and RF enclosure. There are
at least two computers in the vehicle and a couple of ancillary devices in
the pack. If any of those fancy boxes give up the ghost, one has a very
attractive storage unit on wheels, or a really comfortable dog house.

There is a valuable resource in the Rav4EV mailing list. A quick google
search for that term will lead you to the list and the archive. We have
replaced the two legacy Rav4EVs ('02, '03) with two contemporary Rav4EVs
(2013 x 2) because there's nothing else out there like them. Plenty of
cargo capacity, comfortable transportation.

Transport to the west coast, from which this vehicle originated, can be
about US$1200. Funny story told by the Russian transport driver when this
vehicle arrived. (Read in Russian accent, of course):

I go to depot, ask for keys, ask if driving. Am told yes, is driving.
I get in car, turn key, nothing! Try again, again, nothing!
Go in depot (angrily), tell them, Car not driving!
Depot man tells me, is electric car, turn key, go!

For this vehicle and the next one to be put on the market, turn key, go!

If I don't sell them, they become dog houses and a crap-load of solar
battery storage for our panels. That's going to cost us big bucks though,
to wire them in and keep the current grid-tie system working properly. More
likely to end up disassembled, parted out and given to the scrap metal
hauler who trolls our neighborhood.

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> Do you know the battery pack capacity in Wh or Ah? If Ah, do you know the
> nominal pack voltage? Sorry if I just missed it in your ad description.
> Also would be nice if you knew Wh/mile or Ah/mile that it uses at a speed
> around 45 mph. Looks like it is in great condition inside and out,
> unfortunately I'm out west, so expensive to ship it here. Also would be
> nice
> if you had a photo of the battery pack to give an idea how much space there
> is to replace it with new Li-based batteries.  One more thing, what about
> parts and technical info sources if the controller, DC/DC, etc, fails?
> Thanks

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