The practical application of solar panels on a car are not for propulsion
but for charging while parked.  The typical car sits at work under the sun
for 8 hours a day.  With just 500W worth of solar panels during an 8 hour
day, replenishes possibly 10 miles of range.  Usually plenty enough to get
back home for the small EV and commuting.

Agree, The panels would add maybe 5% for direct propulsion.  But that is not
how EV's charge.  They charge while parked.  And for someone at a low
latitude with high sun angles and no access to charging-at-work would find
it a fun application.    Bob, WB4APR

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It seems people are underestimating the capacity of solar panels on
vehicles.  It is a simple math problem. Encapsulation is also a challenge.
However I don't have the math to calculate how fast a 3.3kw solar system
would push a 3000 pound vehicle.  It seems you would need 8kw to push a Leaf
up to 45mph.  This is just a guess but it seems to me that a simple
calculation of weight, CD, array size would be all you would need to
calculate the usefulness of any solar vehicle.  Stella Lux is capable of
45mph with a 1.5kw solar panel, a weight of 850 pounds(it can carry 4
people) and a CD of .16.  If you have a 22 ft x 8' vehicle like an aluminum
Ultravan at 3,000 pounds (which is less than a Leaf)  you would have good
range but calculating how much solar would fit, the CD which I think is
under .3 and the speed possible with the max panels is beyond me.  I do know
that if you had a 3.3kw array you would be able to charge a 24kw pack in 10
hours making a useful vehicle. It might be able to do 20mph on solar.  I bet
Dave Cloud could figure it out.  The Dolphin is a very cleaver vehicle.  I
wish I had some land to work on an Ultravan.  Lawrence Rhodes
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