Bob Said:The practical application of solar panels on a car are not for 
propulsionbut for charging while parked.  The typical car sits at work under 
the sun
for 8 hours a day.  With just 500W worth of solar panels during an 8 hour
day, replenishes possibly 10 miles of range.  Usually plenty enough to get
back home for the small EV and commuting.
This is true for the typical conversion or OEM EV.  However as you lower the 
weight and raise the quantity of panels you will find the solar vehicle more 
useful.  In other words you are thinking in an old engineering way.  We need to 
think lighter. Like an RV that is 22 feet long 8 feet wide.  About as light as 
a Nissan Leaf.  You say this is impossible uuuh... They made them in the 60's 
and 70's.  Called the Ultravan they were ahead of their time.  Getting 18mpg 
with a Corvair motor.  They were constructed like an airplane fuselage out of 
aluminum.  Many are still on the road.  A few used ones go up for sale from 
time to time. A Leaf drive train in one would be very useful.  I am sure you 
could get close to 4kw of solar panels on one.  Lawrence Rhodes  
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