The whole point with a solar vehicle is to be completely free of the grid most 
of the time.  Charging from your roof solar is not bad but not optimal. You 
can't charge with your roof top solar unless you are home.  So when your car is 
parked usually away from home that is when you need it. A vehicle the size of a 
Tesla S can hold at least 1.5kw....maybe a little more...BTW you can't just use 
solar panels on the roof of a vehicle.  You need special encapsulation for 
weight and aerodynamics.  Lawrence Rhodes

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I think you can get 15W/sqft and my Volt is not very efficient I often
need 16KW if I take it easy but even at 8kw you would need  533sq feet
of solar panels 23ft by 23ft.  So... not a great deal but with a 32KWh
battery pack you could charge it with a 23x23 panel on your roof in 4
hours.  That sounds like a better deal and very manageable.


On Wed, Sep 27, 2017 at 1:05 PM, Lawrence Rhodes via EV
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> It seems people are underestimating the capacity of solar panels on vehicles. 
>  It is a simple math problem. Encapsulation is also a challenge. However I 
> don't have the math to calculate how fast a 3.3kw solar system would push a 
> 3000 pound vehicle.  It seems you would need 8kw to push a Leaf up to 45mph.  
> This is just a guess but it seems to me that a simple calculation of weight, 
> CD, array size would be all you would need to calculate the usefulness of any 
> solar vehicle.  Stella Lux is capable of 45mph with a 1.5kw solar panel, a 
> weight of 850 pounds(it can carry 4 people) and a CD of .16.  If you have a 
> 22 ft x 8' vehicle like an aluminum Ultravan at 3,000 pounds (which is less 
> than a Leaf)  you would have good range but calculating how much solar would 
> fit, the CD which I think is under .3 and the speed possible with the max 
> panels is beyond me.  I do know that if you had a 3.3kw array you would be 
> able to charge a 24kw pack in 10 hours making a useful vehicle. It might be 
> able to do 20mph on solar.  I bet Dave Cloud could figure it out.  The 
> Dolphin is a very cleaver vehicle.  I wish I had some land to work on an 
> Ultravan.  Lawrence Rhodes
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