For the home, never repair or replace or buy another Air Conditioner!

Spend a $100 more and get the two-way Heatpump model.  Whether it is a
window unit, portable 2-hose unit or whole house AC, replace it with a

Even if you have oil or gas heat.  Run the Heatpump all the time in the
winter will save you HALF of the cost of oil for every BTU it puts in the
house.  At current Gas prices, it is kind of wash, but the advantage of
the heatpump is that it can be 100% fossil fuel free when powered by solar
or utility subscribed wind.

I even hang some old window AC-only units in some rooms or basement joists
backwards so they can be used as a heat source in the winter.

Just sayin...
Bob, Wb4APR

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>  if you choose a heat pump, make sure it will generate the BTUs you
> need at your coldest temperature or supplement it with some resistance
> heating.

Every home-HVAC heat pump I've ever seen has had supplemental and/or
"emergency" heat.  They all had resistive electric supplemental heat.
I've read more recently about HVAC systems that use fuel gas heat as the

I'd assume (and we all know what that is!) that all production EV heat
pumps would also include resistive heating.  Very few people will tolerate
Yugo- class heating in their vehicles.  (The infamous Yugo GV ICEV came
with a pitiful heater.  Owners who complained were told to keep the blower
on LOW position so the air coming out of the vents would feel a little

IMO fitting a heat pump to a conversion EV is going to be a pretty
significant challenge.  That holds whether you're trying to make a HP from
an existing aircon that came with the ICEV you're converting, or trying to
convince a HP system from a production EV that it should work in a vehicle
with none of the Canbus signals it expects.  I would have no idea where to

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