>> What would it take to bundle up some Plone add-ons and release it as a
>> PloneSocial distro? What add-ons should be included? Would you want to
>> lead the charge to put something together?
> That could be as simple as creating a buildout extension configuration.
> In a sense, we now have included with our installers a "development" bundle
> aimed at add-on/theme level developers:
> http://dev.plone.org/plone/browser/Installers/UnifiedInstaller/trunk/base_skeleton/develop.cfg
> We could include a subdirectory of such extensions with the installers, but
> they would have to be generally agreed on and include absolutely no unstable
> or unreleased components.

Of course, these add-ons would be carefully selected and vetted before
they would be approved to be included in the distribution.

Steve - what would it take to identify 3-4 extension profiles, and
include them in the next release?

PloneSocial - adds social networking functionality to your Plone site
(which add-ons are most mature?)
PloneMobile - adds mobile optimized features to your Plone site (go.mobile)
PloneMultiMedia - adds multimedia functionality to your Plone site
PloneMultilingual - adds multilingual funcitonality (LinguaPlone)

I think this would go a long way to making it easier for newcomers to
Plone to evaluate the rich ecosystem of add-ons for Plone without
having to troll through the 3,000 add-ons at plone.org/download trying
to find the best ones.

I could also see a lot of value of making bundles targeting particular
vertical markets:
PloneEdu - faculty/staff directory, bibliography, subsites
PloneGov - forms (PloneFormGen)
PloneNpo  - donation forms, volunteer signup (PloneFormGen)

Imagine if you are from a university, government agency or non-profit,
and the first time you download Plone, there is an installer profile
made just for you, that guides you through the benefits of why Plone
is right for your particular industry and shows you the value-add of
these additional modules. I think this could be incredible beneficial
in helping Plone to get greater adoption in these markets.


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