The buildout approach was exactly what I was thinking when reading 
Nate's last email too, Steve :)

Niche/Type-of-Site/Industry-specific Distros are something we've talked 
about for a long time.  I recall a few of us on this list doing so at a 
BoF at the Seattle Conference.

But we didn't yet have buildout at that time - it seems like such a 
simple solution, but the tough part is, as you pointed out, we need to 
vet the add-ons that each cfg will list, and I suspect there could be 
some tug-of-war over which products are in/out.

So, perhaps we could make use of the same type of voting system used for 
PLIPs before a new release of Plone comes out, where you get X votes to 
cast and have to rank your favorite products?  Have it be a community 
effort, of course, but at the same time get results quickly.

This (and then the testing/vetting) seem to be our only 'real' obstacles 
in getting the category cfgs as part of the installer/svn releases, right?


Nate Aune wrote:
>>> What would it take to bundle up some Plone add-ons and release it as a
>>> PloneSocial distro? What add-ons should be included? Would you want to
>>> lead the charge to put something together?
>> That could be as simple as creating a buildout extension configuration.
>> In a sense, we now have included with our installers a "development" bundle
>> aimed at add-on/theme level developers:
>> http://dev.plone.org/plone/browser/Installers/UnifiedInstaller/trunk/base_skeleton/develop.cfg
>> We could include a subdirectory of such extensions with the installers, but
>> they would have to be generally agreed on and include absolutely no unstable
>> or unreleased components.
> Of course, these add-ons would be carefully selected and vetted before
> they would be approved to be included in the distribution.
> Steve - what would it take to identify 3-4 extension profiles, and
> include them in the next release?
> PloneSocial - adds social networking functionality to your Plone site
> (which add-ons are most mature?)
> PloneMobile - adds mobile optimized features to your Plone site (go.mobile)
> PloneMultiMedia - adds multimedia functionality to your Plone site
> (collective.flowplayer)
> PloneMultilingual - adds multilingual funcitonality (LinguaPlone)
> I think this would go a long way to making it easier for newcomers to
> Plone to evaluate the rich ecosystem of add-ons for Plone without
> having to troll through the 3,000 add-ons at plone.org/download trying
> to find the best ones.
> I could also see a lot of value of making bundles targeting particular
> vertical markets:
> PloneEdu - faculty/staff directory, bibliography, subsites
> PloneGov - forms (PloneFormGen)
> PloneNpo  - donation forms, volunteer signup (PloneFormGen)
> Imagine if you are from a university, government agency or non-profit,
> and the first time you download Plone, there is an installer profile
> made just for you, that guides you through the benefits of why Plone
> is right for your particular industry and shows you the value-add of
> these additional modules. I think this could be incredible beneficial
> in helping Plone to get greater adoption in these markets.
> Nate
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