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Jean Hollis Weber wrote:

I'm assuming we'll have an OOo booth at the main LCA 2005 conference all week, in addition to a 2-day programme, similar to San Diego. Is this correct?


LCA ( is very unlike DLS.

There are no booths at LCA. Some sponsors may have a presence, but this is very low key. Usually spponsors support part of the programme, e.g. dinner, or items in the delegates bag etc.

Thanks for the clarification. That's very disappointing for me, because I like being a booth babe. If I had know there would be no booth, I probably would not have signed up to attend.

I cannot find anything on or to indicate that there were booths. So I'm a bit confused why you thought that might be the case.

Oh well, I've paid my entry fee and made my plane reservations, and been accepted as a speaker, so I'll be there. Let me know if there's anything you want me to do.

I remember too, that you were one of the first to submit a paper in response to the CfP :)


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