Dear Stephen, please see my note after the copy of your post
John Mikes
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> Dear Eric,
>     I like your idea! But how do we reconsile your notion with the notion
> expressed by Russell:
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> >
> > > There is no problem is saying that all computations exist in
> > > "platonia" (or the plenitude). This is a zero information set, and
> > > requires no further explanation.
> > >
>     One definition of "information" is a "difference that makes a
> difference". If we take the "substrate" to be the "capacity for there to
> difference" as you propose we obviously can not consider Platonia or the
> "Plenitude" do be it. If we take these two ideas seriously, is there any
> that we can have both?
> Kindest regards,
> Stephen
I defined information as "difference acknowledged" (by no specified
acknowledger) because not all information DO make a difference, yet an
unrecognized difference is no information.
With the Plenitude (a version as the basis for my narrative leading to our
universe) I have a question: Is "no information" not an information?
(Or: is "no difference" an information about identicity?)

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