In my paper "Why Occam's Razor", I identify a postulate called the
"projection postulate", which in words is something like "An observer
necessarily projects out an actual from the space of possibilities"
Mathematically, this corresponds to choosing a subset from the set of
all descriptions.

My paper shows in essence P+T+K => QM (projection postulate + time
postulate + Kolmogorov probability axioms implies quantum mechanics).

Apparently (not that I'm any expert on these matters) Kant tried to
derive Classical dynamics by introducing this as a "necessary prior",
so its quite possible that this idea is not at all new.


Stephen Paul King wrote:
> Dear Russell,
>     Bingo! But can a method of definig the "subsethood" be defined? What
> distinguishes one subset from another?
> Kindest regards,
> Stephen

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