George Levy:

Bruno Marchal wrote:

we are "conscious" only because we belong to a continuum of infinite never ending stories ... ...that's what the lobian machine's "guardian angel" G* says about that: true and strictly unbelievable.

Since you agree that the number of histories is on a continuum, you must accept that no matter how large or small a segment of the continuum is considered, the number of histories is the same. Hence measure is the same for any observer.

The whole concept of "measure" is based on assigning different probabilities to different infinite sets--the fact that two sets have the same cardinality doesn't imply they must have the same measure. For example, any continuous probability distribution used in statistics (the bell curve, for example) can be used to assign a measure to an arbitrary finite interval (which necessarily contains an infinite number of points), the measure just being the area under the curve over that interval.


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