I am still thinking about the naming issue and I am not 100% satisfied with any suggestion. The field we are discussing is really at the intersection of three subjects: Theology, Physics and Psychology. This reminds me that about six years ago I wrote a book which was never published (I did not have the credentials and/or the book was too "far out" for the editors). I entitled the book "God, the World and I." In terms of your theory "God, the World and I" may correspond to G*, G and the first person.

I am not sure how this could affect the naming issue. Trying to combine these three concepts we could get titles such as:

First person Theological Physics????? First-person Theo-Mechanics????? First-person Physical Theology????? First-person Machine Theology?????? Theological Physical Psychology?????

Psychology is not really satisfying... I should really be the science of the "first-person, the "self" or the "observer".... possibly the term for it is "relativistic" instead of "psychology") we get "Relativistic Theological Physics" or "Relativistic Theological Mechanics".....hmmmm.... Upon hearing these words, people may decide to lock us up in an insane asilum. :-\


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