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> is it ? we might be able to ground meaning in causal interactions,
> for instance, but can we ground causal interactions in the
> timeless world of maths ?

I think Hal Finney just gave a nice answer through the notion of block 
I do think physics, in great part, does try (at least) to ground causal 
interactions in the timeless world of maths.
"Causality" is a very hard and fuzzy notion. It has a very large range 
of applications from physics to human responsability. It makes no sense 
to take it as primitive. In logic notion of causality can be 
axiomatized by some modal correction of material implication: like B(p 
-> q), i.e. p implies q in all possible universes. Then we can say 
roughly that there are as many causality notion than there are modal 



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