Brent Meeker wrote:
> ...
> > Errmm..but if the universe is the set of all real
> > things, then they all share the "property" of realness.
> > Perhaps you mean: what is the difference between real
> > things and unreal things? Well, the difference is that
> > real things have properties and unreal things don't.
> > Thus existence is not an ordinary propery, but what
> > follows from the existence of any other property.
> This doesn't help much though because "property" is no better defined than
> "real".  Does 7 have the property of being prime?  Does that make 7 "real"?  
> If
> definitions are to identify what is "real" then I think they need to be 
> grounded
> ostensively or operationally - logic can only impose consistency on concepts; 
> it
> can't create things out of words.

Ground them operationally, then. Real things have real properties and
things don't. Real properties can be observed empirically. Primeness
then is not 
a real property.

> Brent Meeker

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