Bruno Marchal wrote:
> Study the UDA. It is a reasoning which show you are precisely wrong 
> here. If you want I can explain it step by step. UDA shows that "weak 
> materialism" (the existence of some primitive stuff) and 
> computationalism (or just self-referential correctness) are 
> epistemologically untenable simultaneously. If you want we can proceed 
> step by step (could help some others).
>>He is not obliged to deny that mind has anythign to do with
>>computation, but
>>when he hits problems he can appeal to matter itself -- for instance
>>that something about the specific physics/chemistry of the brain
>>explains qualia.
> But he should first explain what he means by matter, and then qualia 
> and how it relates it. If he assumes comp he will fail, by UDA.
> bruno

The links on your web page relating to the UDA still take one to

a seller of DVD's for old American TV shows.

Brent Meeker

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