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<x-tad-bigger>Interesting!  This reminds me of the old standby example of being able to find any sequence of digits in the digits of pi, and therefore being able to find whole digital "recordings" of "Gone With The Wind" or anything you desire, including your-whole-life-as-you-desire-it-to-be, if you search long enough. ;) 

OK, but please do not confuse the Universal Dovetailing with a listing of all strings. I will come back on this next week. A UD contains such a Babel library, but the UD contains also the processing that any machine can have by reading those babel books. The concept of computations is richer than the concept of statical strings. Many makes a confusion here, and I will try to explain a bit more later. The key is the closure of the partial recursive function for diagonalization. It's what Smullyan explains too quickly in Forever Undecided.

<x-tad-bigger>But that's the key, in my view.  It requires desiring, searching and finding.  That requires a person.  Similarly, it requires a person to combine addition and multiplication.  This is because it requires a person to think of grouping things.  This is because it takes a person to define meaning.

I totally agree with you, unless you were presupposing that such a person could not survive with a digital brain, which is my working hypothesis. The beauty of the incompleteness phenomena in computer science, is that it makes it possible to attach a person to a machine. And then we get non trivial consequences: the person cannot name it/she/herself for example, but also the person cannot attach any token-machine to itself and must explain physics by a sum on all histories, etc.



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