Le 18-août-06, à 17:02, 1Z a écrit :

> It is for Pythagorenas and Platonists to explain what they mean by
> "exist".
> However, if you are going to claim that we are actually *in* Platonia,
> (mathematical monism) there must be some equivalence between the
> existence we
> have and the existence numbers have.

Of course! But that is what I am currently explaining. If you have 
follow the UDA, then, even if you could not yet be completely convinced 
by each steps, you should at least be able to figure out in which sense 
"you", here and now, in the "shape" of an OM, to borrow the list 
vocabulary, exist as a relative number. Third personally you exist in 
aleph-zero relative number form (like snapshots of a running program). 
First personally you exist in the same shape (although you cannot know 
that) but you are "multiplied" by a continuum: the computational 
histories generated by the UD, in the mathematical sense, going through 
those third person states.



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