Le 23-oct.-06, à 15:18, 1Z a écrit :

>> we get an epistemological contradiction, so that we have to abandon
>> either computationalism or materialism.
> Contradiction? Haven't you previously claimed that COMP only
> makes matter redundant.

That is why I said "epistemological contradiction". OK, I was implitly 
putting some Occam Razor in the natural or observational science 

> Where is the UD? surely it has to exist. Somehow, somewhere.

Right. The UD exists like the number 194286 exists.

> Does the UDA show that physics cannot generate consciousness
> non-computationally?

Yes. This is difficult, and it is made in the 8th step. To be precise 
it is shown there that consciousness cannot be generated by the 
physical activity. The 8th step proposes two ways to address this. 
Either by Occam razor + the lobian interview on the 
probabilities/credibilities, or more directly (and without Occam) by 
the movie graph argument.



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