Le 11-nov.-06, à 01:09, 1Z a écrit :

> No, because there are no possible worlds where (2^32582657)-1
> is not  a prime number.

This is for me a typical "arithmetical realist" statement.

> Causality , as opposed
> to material implication, requires contingency.

Yes. And grosso modo there will be as many notion of causality that 
there are possible modal logic. "Causality", like matter, 
consciousness, etc. are higher order notions. Causality is as different 
from "material implication" that B(p -> q) is different from "p -> q", 
for many possible logical systems.

You still want it both ways: keeping comp and primary material reality, 
but I have already argued in detail that this cannot work in any 
reasonable way. Postulating "matter" cannot explain appearance of 
matter (cf UDA, but we are in a loop, I think).



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