Hi Bruno:

I do not think I fully understand what you are saying.

Suppose your model bans white rabbits from its 
evolving universes - meaning I take it that all 
successive states are fully logical consequences of their prior state.

I would see this as a selection of one possibility from two.

Lets us say that you are correct about this 
result re your model, this just seems to 
reinforce the idea that it is a sub set in order 
to avoid the information generating selection in the full set.


Hal Ruhl

At 11:30 AM 2/5/2007, you wrote:

>Le 05-févr.-07, à 00:46, Hal Ruhl a écrit :
> >  As far as I can tell from this, my model may include Bruno's model as
> > a subset.
>This means that even if "my theory" makes disappear all (1-person)
>white rabbits, you will still have to justify that your overset does
>not reintroduce new one.

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