Le 10-mars-07, à 04:30, Tom Caylor a écrit :

> Here a diagram would be useful.  The reductionist tendency seems to be
> to lump all of consciousness into the "input interpretting" box and
> "explain it" in terms of smaller parts making up an autonomous
> machine.  Hence, now that it is all explained and we are a machine,
> there is no room for real morality and we can do whatever we want.  (I
> think I heard an Amen! from Brent.)

This is a good description of comp before Gödel and Church's thesis. 
After, comp makes such interpretations provably wrong or inconsistent.
To understand comp + Gödel forces us toward more modesty, including the 
modesty in front on any self-referentially correct (by constuction) 
universal machine or entity.



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