On 14/06/07, Quentin Anciaux <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> >  "Eliminativist" is not a good term for persons like me, because that
> term
> > implies that you are eliminating an important part of reality.  But you
> > can't eliminate something that does not exists.  If you don't believe in
> > ghosts, are you then an eliminativist?  If you don't believe in Santa
> Claus,
> > are you then an eliminativist, eliminating Santa Claus?
> >
> >  --
> >  Torgny Tholerus
> Sure but I still don't understand what could mean 'to know', 'to
> believe' for an entity which is not conscious. Also if you're not
> conscious, there is no 'me', no 'I', so there exists no 'person like
> you' because then you're not a person.
Sure, but Torgny is just displaying the person-like behaviour of claiming to
be a person.

Stathis Papaioannou

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