Le 28-nov.-07, à 09:56, Torgny Tholerus a écrit :

>>> When I talk about "pure mathematics" I mean that kind of mathematics 
>>> you have in GameOfLife.  There you have "gliders" that move in the 
>>> GameOfLife-universe, and these gliders interact with eachother when 
>>> they meet.  These gliders you can see as physical objects.  These 
>>> physical objects are reducible to pure mathematics, they are the 
>>> consequences of the rules behind GameOfLife.
>> --
>> Torgny
>> That kind of mathematics - models of cellular automata -  is the
>> domain of the theory of computation.  These are just that - models.
>> But there is no reason for thinking that the models or mathematical
>> rules are identical to the physical entities themselves just because
>> these rules/models can precisely predict/explain the behaviour of the
>> physical objects.
>  You only need models of cellular automata.  If you have a model and 
> rules for that model, then one event will follow after another event, 
> according to the rules.  And after that event will follow another more 
> event, and so on unlimited.  The events will follow after eachother 
> even if you will not have any implementation of this model.  Any 
> physics is not needed.  You don't need any geometric properties.
>  In this model you may have a person called Torgny writing a message 
> on a google group, and that event may be followed by a person called 
> Marc writing a reply to this message.  And you don't need any 
> implementation of that model.

OK. Do you agree now that the "real Torgny", by which I mean you from 
your first person point of view, cannot known if it belongs to a state 
generated by automata 345 or automata 6756, or automata 6756690003121, 
or automata  65656700234676611084899 , and so one ...
Do you agree we have to take into account this first person 
indeterminacy when making a first person prediction?



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