Le 30-nov.-07, à 20:21, Torgny Tholerus a écrit :

> Why can't our universe be modelled by a cellular automata?

By UDA, this is just  a priori impossible.

What *is* still possible, is that you can "modelize" the emergence of 
the appearance of a universe by modelling, with a cellular automata, a 
couple "observer + a quantum cellular automata", or by modelling all 
possible observers through universal dovetaling. Normally the 
appearance of the quantum will be generated as well.

If you are a machine, the physical universe (the sharable third person 
pov) is not describable in term of working machine. Unless you are the 
whole universe yourself, which I doubt.
If, you are the whole universe, and if you (the universe) exist, and if 
comp is false and ultrafinitism true, then you are right. But then, 
about the mind body problem, you are reintroducing the material bullet 
making even impossible to really addressed the question. Imo: it would 
be a regression.

This comment assumes a good understanding of the seven first steps of 
the UDA.

> Our universe
> is very complicated, but why can't it be modelled by a very complicated
> automata?

Because, by assuming comp, the (physical) universe has to emerge non 
locally from an infinity of infinite computations.

> An automata where you have models for protons and electrons
> and photons and all other elementary particles, that obey the same laws
> as the particles in our universe?

Of course I talk here on exact emulation. FAPP, you can simulate 
electron and photon. About  "reality", I am not even sure there are 
photons and electrons, we have non local (in our local 
histories/branches) wavy interacting fields.
Note that Newton's law, taken seriously enough, are also not turing 
emulable, like almost everything in naïve math.



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