Russell, Tom, Barry, Mirek,

Thank you very much for your kind posts.
Actually I am amazed by the quantity of backup I have done, and so it 
looks like I have recovered all the main "professional" things, 
including most non finished papers (and then I agree with Tom's wise 
remarks which make me not so sure that I am glad with recovering those 
unfinished works ... 'cause I have no reason to not finish them now, or 
I am must search some reason ...).  It looks I have only loss the 
leisure private documents (recent pictures, private mails), and many 
movies I have done, but not all, of transformations in the complex 
plane illustrating universal computability in the complex plane.  Of 
course it is never funny when unknown people put some mess in your 
stuff, but it is not so grave, and those first person happenings are 

To thank you I send you one of those (remaining) movie at your personal 

If Wei Dai agree, I could send it online: it is a 1,5 Mega QuickTime 
document attachment. I guess it is a bit too big. Some day I will put 
them on my web page. It does illustrate some points. The problem is 
that my all complex plane software does no more run on current 



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