Hi John,

Le 25-févr.-08, à 15:02, John Mikes a écrit :

> Bruno,
> my deepest sympathy to your computer-loss!!
>  it comes up frequently in my nightmares to have a similar 
> 'catastrophe' on my own and the desperation wakes me that I cannot 
> recover my 'recent past' before I have recovered it,

It sounds awful!

> like the lost eyeglasses what you cannot look for until you found it.

I have often a similar problem: without my eyeglasses I cannot see them 
... (unless they are infinitely far from me!)

> I had one such deluge-loss of data, when the very first virus was 
> loanched in the 90s, I fell into it right before my wife warned 
> me about such danger as told in the actual News on TV.
> I lost all my graphics - irrecoverably.

What a pity. Someone told me the story of an employee who has encoded 
typed texts on a computer for four years without doing backup and then 
it crashed! We often hear stories like that.

> Of course this is no consolation, but you may have most of the 
> material on other computers and on paper.

Yes. I have just get a moment of panic for some important document of 
the year 2002-2004, where I used a PC, but I found eventually that I 
did have make a double backup home/university of that PC although I 
hardly remember it. Before and after those years I was and still am 
using a MAC.
Actually I was very glad with that PC except when I begun to be 
attacked by viruses which have make me decide to come back on Mac. I 
did never succeed to eliminate the viruses on that PC. Fortunately, 
those viruses were not of the destructive type, only terribly annoying, 
slowing down the machine a lot, and distracting with many irrelevant 

> A terrible job and please, forgive my flippant remark on the recovery 
> of your 'unfinished' texts:
> Have a "Normal Hauptman" read the recovered texts...-- I try to 
> explain:
> The Austria-Hungary War Ministry had a position of a "Normal Hauptman" 
> ('average lieutenant') who's job was to READ all ordinances planned to 
> be sent to the troops. If he understood them and could tell what they 
> said, it was issued.
> I do not volunteer for this position with you: find a smarter one...

Thanks for the idea.

Best regards,


PS If you want I can send you the 1,5 mega complex-UD-movie, tell me 
out-of-line (I don't want to take the risk of crashing your computer!). 
In fact I am not sure it can go through because it could be that there 
is a limitation access on the university band.

> John (too normal)
> On Sun, Feb 24, 2008 at 9:21 AM, Mirek Dobsicek <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> wrote:
>> Hi Bruno!
>> > I wish you the best to you and to your girlfriend.
>> Thank you very much. I appreciate your wish.
>> > offered to you through the windows, like it happened to a friend of
>> > mine (and she threw the computer with!). I reassure you: I think 
>> that
>> > was exceptional! Presently I am not so lucky because I have been 
>> break
>>  > in yesterday, and my home computer has been stolen with all the
>> > attached devices including the main backup disk. I will have to 
>> rewrite
>> > hundreds of unfinished papers...  . Sorry to bother you with that,
>>  > actually.
>> Ohh, that is not good. I am sorry for you. Hopefully you can recover 
>> at
>> least parts of the most important things.
>> Sincerely,
>>  Mirek
>>  >>

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