2008/10/24 John Mikes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Stathis,
> Who told YOU (and the other honored discutants in this thread) that *THIS*
> ONE of our existence is the one-and-only basic/original appearance?  We,
> here and now, may be #37 for you and #49 for me etc.,
>  --  B U T  --
> could you please tell me if 'anyone' of this nightmare-topic remembers, or
> has knowledge of  any other appearance of his SAME person (anywhere?) by
> QTI?
> If not, what else is the entire thread based on except for Everett's
> ingenious idea and the continuation of his line? (No matter how many
> matching equations could be drawn in the topic).
> Do we abide by a 'physical world' (Bruno?) in which a QTI transfers
> *material* with diseases, brain-damages, limbic pain and love-connections?
> Have fun in science (but with reason?)

You don't need the QTI or science fiction thought experiments to be
puzzled by personal identity. Almost all of the matter in my body
(including that in my brain) is different to that in it a year ago.
Moreover, the "original" matter has disintegrated and been dispersed
throughout the environment. So in a very real sense, ordinary life
involves the same process as destructive teleportation; it just
happens more slowly.

Stathis Papaioannou

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