On 01 Nov 2008, at 13:11, Quentin Anciaux wrote:

> I think I cannot be me without *my* memories... I equate memories and
> me. If not what is me, if I'm still me without my memories ?


You can write in the euthanasia letter that you would like the doctor  
to kill you if after an accident you are left without memories, and  
this show that you are the once deciding who you are eventually. I can  
imagine an obsessive pianist asking for euthanasia in case he loses  
some finger in a accident.

I don't use thought experiment with amnesia in 1...8, they are a bit  
more frightening for some people (nearest to "the prestige" than  
"simulacron III actually), but although our memories are very  
important for our histories and continuations, our identity does not  
(globally) rely on them.
It is not important for the understanding that physics come from math/ 
computer science, but I do think we are more (semantically) and less  
(syntactically) than we are used and programmed to think (for normal  
darwinian reasons).



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