I like this topic.  I will think about it a little first.
By the way, is your use of blue and red a metaphor for Obama and
McCain? ;)


On Nov 7, 10:44 am, "A. Wolf" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > But this begs the question "What is EVERYTHING?"
> I would say the class of all mathematical models which are not
> self-contradictory constitutes "everything".  I'd even go so far as to
> suggest that's exactly what existence is, in a literal sense: a lack
> of mathematical contradiction.  All things that are consistent exist
> and all things that exist are consistent.
> This is broader than the MW interpretation which imposes additional
> tacit restrictions: that everything which /is constructable/ solely by
> /quantum perturbations/ occurring /since the Big Bang/ must exist.
> It also raises the question about whether we can assume there is a
> universe where I wore a red sweater instead of a blue one today.  I
> would certainly guess that the probability of this happening is
> nonzero, but I have no way of confirming that there exists a
> particular model containing this state which is non-contradictory.
> Certainly the model couldn't be identical to the current universe I'm
> in, because I don't own a red sweater, and I can't readily envision a
> situation where quantum perturbations would make me wake up early
> enough to go purchase one.
> So I suspect that "everything" has lots of odd holes in it, but
> perhaps quantum effects smooth them out so well that we can assume
> nearly any conceivable change to our universe has non-contradictory
> representatives.  I'd prefer not to assume that, even if I believe (as
> I do) that worlds which are not constructable from out Big Bang exist.
> Certainly there are worlds out there where I'm deluded into thinking
> that I have on a red sweater, though.  ;)
> Anna
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