2008/11/13 Kory Heath <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

>> Second, it happens that sometimes I think the burden his on him to
>> tell us what he means by a physical universe.
> I totally agree. But most people will just wave their arms and say,
> "What do you mean? We're obviously in a physical universe. What's
> problematic about that?" And then the burden is back on us to explain
> why the concept of "physical existence" is more problematic than it
> seems. Burden Tennis.

Yes indeed, that's the problem. I can discuss almost any of these
strange ideas (comp, many worlds, duplication thought experiments) and
most people are willing to at least consider them. But tell them the
world is just a dream, running on no hardware at all, and they say
that's crazy.

Stathis Papaioannou

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