*So you're saying that a "physics extracted from mechanism" which (let's 
assume) refutes mechanism, leads inescapably to a mathematical structure 
in logic-space which actually  constitutes the "physical" universe.  And 
thus we can justify and explain the physical laws without any reference 
to matter. Is that it or are their other implications?

Bruno Marchal wrote:
> Hi m.a.
>  if mechanism is true, then the "physical universe" appears to be the 
> border of the universal machine "ignorance". The cosmos is the tip of 
> the iceberg. And the laws of physics are really something which 
> evolved, yet not in a space time, but in a logical space gluing the 
> possible machine "dreams". I am not saying this is true, only that it 
> is a consequence of the seemingly innocent (for some naturalist) 
> mechanist hypothesis.
>  It gives a way to justify the why and how of physical laws, and this 
> from mechanism, and this without making the (ad hoc) assumption of a 
> physical universe. And if you do the math, you get a physics extracted 
> from mechanism, and you can use it to confirm mechanism or to refute it.
> You can take the reasoning train which is currently passing. Mainly 
> the MGA can be understood by patient layman having some notion of 
> digital machine.
> Bruno
> http://iridia.ulb.ac.be/~marchal/ <http://iridia.ulb.ac.be/%7Emarchal/>
> >

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