On 11/19/08, Bruno Marchal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>..." Keep in mind we try to refute the  
> conjunction MECH and MAT.>
> Nevertheless your intuition below is mainly correct, but the point is  
> that accepting it really works, AND keeping MECH, will force us to  
> negate MAT.
> Bruno
> http://iridia.ulb.ac.be/~marchal/
----and lots of other things in the discussion.----

the concept of "Zombie" emerged as questioned. Thinking about
it, (I dislike the entire field together with 'thought-experiments' and 
the fairy-tale processes of differentiated teleportations, etc.)
I concluded that a 'zombie' as used mostly, is a 'person(??)' with 
NO HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS (whatever WE included in the 'C' 
term). I am willing to expand on it: a (humanly) zombie MAY HAVE 
mental functions beyond the (excluded) select ones WE use in our 
present potential as 'thinking humans'. It needs it, since assumed are 
the activities that must be directed by some form of mentality 
(call it 'physical?' ones). - "Zombie does..."
It boils down to my overall somewhat negative position (although 
I have no better one) of UDA, MPG, comp, etc. - all of them are 
products of HUMAN thinking and restrictions as WE can imagine 
the unfathomable existence (the totality - real TOE).
I find it a 'cousin' of the reductionistic conventional sciences, just 
a bit 'freed up'. Maybe a distant cousin. Meaning: it handles the 
totality WITHIN the framework of our limited (human) logic(s). 

The "list's" said 100 years 'ahead ways' of thinking (Bruno's 200) 
is still a mental activity of the NOW existing minds. 

Alas, we cannot do better. I just want to take all this mental 
exercise with the grain of salt of "there may be more to all of it" 
what we cannot even fancy (imagine, fantasize of) today, 
with our mind anchored in our restrictions. (Including 'digital',
 'numbers', learned wisdom, etc.). 

Sorry if I offended anyone on the list, it was not intended. 
I am not up to the level of the list, just 'freed up' my thinking 
into alowing further (unknown?) domains into our ignorance. 
I call it 'my' scinetific agnosticism.

John M

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