Hi Gordon,

Le 20-nov.-08, à 21:40, Gordon Tsai a écrit :

> Bruno:
>    I think you and John touched the fundamental issues of human 
> rational. It's a dilemma encountered by phenomenology. Now I have a 
> question: In theory we can't distinguish ourselves from a Lobian 
> Machine. But can lobian machines truly have sufficient rich 
> experiences like human?

This is our assumption. Assuming comp, we are machine, so certainly 
some machine can have our rich experiences. Indeed, us.

> For example, is it possible for a lobian machine to "still its 
> mind' or "cease the computational logic" like some eastern philosophy 
> suggested? Maybe any of the out-of-loop experience is still part of 
> the computation/logic, just as our out-of-body experiences are 
> actually the trick of brain chemicals?

Eventually we will be led to the idea that it is the "brain chemicals" 
which are the result of a trick of "universal consciousness", but here 
I am anticipating. Let us go carefully step by step.

I think I will have some time this afternoon to make MGA 2,

See you there ...



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