On 19 Nov 2008, at 20:37, Michael Rosefield wrote:

> Are not logic gates black boxes, though? Does it really matter what  
> happens between Input and Output? In which case, it has absolutely  
> no bearing on Alice's consciousness whether the gate's a neuron, an  
> electronic doodah, a team of well-trained monkeys or a lucky quantum  
> event or synchronicity.

Good summary.

> It does not matter, really, where or when the actions of the gate  
> take place.

As far as they represent, physically or materially, the relevant  
computation, assuming MEC+MAT. OK.

MGA 2 will give one more step forward the idea that the materiality  
cannot play a relevant part in the computation. I will try to do MGA 2  
tomorrow. (It is 21h22m23s here, I mean 9h22m31s pm :).

I have to solve a conflict between two ways to make the MGA 2. If I  
don't succeed, I will make both.

Thanks for trying to understand,



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