Hi Bruno,

> I think you are correct, but allowing the observer to be mechanically 
> described as obeying the wave equation (which solutions obeys to comp), 

Hmm well if you have a basis, yes; - but "naked" infinite-dimensional 
Hilbert Space (the "everything" in QM)? With MAT we do not only 
concentrate on OMs (as with COMP) but on all states (which maybe don't 
have an OM)

> I mean Everett is really SWE+COMP. 

Ok I have not looked at it this way yet - how does COMP enter the 
picture automatically in the Everett interpretation? I am missing 
something here. Do you mean because all the solutions are computable? 
(but see objection above)?

> With MAT we haven't (except bibles, myth, etc.). There is no standard 
> notion of mat histories, 

I agree - that is why I think COMP is a better guess than MAT - although 
I still have some quibbles ...

> deployment with comp). To have MAT correct, you have to accept not only 
> actual infinities, but concrete actual infinities that you cannot 
> approximate with Turing machine, nor with Turing Machine with oracle. 
> You are a bit back to literal angels and fairies ...

Yes, we agree.

> As I said many times, COMP is my favorite working *hypothesis*. It is my 
> MAT has been a wonderful methodological assumption, but it has always 
> being incoherent, or eliminativist on the mind.

Ok. But what do you think of the following: Bertrand Russell's neutral 
monism (also Feigl and others) is an interesting metaphysical "theory": 
one would have a basic "mind-stuff" - protoexperientials - which would 
follow the laws of comp.

It would not be a dualism, it would be mind-monism, but the "objects" 
being computed would not be OMs directly but some kind of basic 
mind-components - this idea is not new, in fact these objects would 
correspond to the "dharmas" of yogacara (and also Theravada Buddhism, 
but not so clearly there). (see 

One would lose the wonderful OM-COMP correspondence (which I think is an 
important feature of your COMP) and get some kind of "binding problem" 
again - how a unified consciousness results from the "dharmas"; but one 
would be able to better explain how we have shareable histories (which 
is I think a _weak point_ of COMP if related directed to OMs - as has 
already been mentionend on the list, we can drift into solipsism with 
COMP quite easily (and I don't see why shareable histories of any great 
measure should evolve)

>> p.s.: I am looking forward to your further MGA posts (how far will they
>> go, you have hinted up to MGA 5?) and the ensuing discussion, I have
>> very much enjoyed reading all this stuff.
> Thanks. And so you believe that MAT+MEC makes Alice conscious through 
> the projection of its brain movie! 

Yes, if MAT+MEC is assumed, I would believe this. And I would not yet 
accept it as an "absurdity" and ruling out of MAT+MEC - although I would 
see that it is beginning to get very strange *grin*

>You really want me to show this is 
> absurd. It is not so easy, and few people find this necessary, but I 
> will do asap (MGA 3).

Yup :-)

And I would be interested what you think of the idea to let COMP govern 
a "dharma"-level and not an OM-level directly.


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