Hi Mirek,

> Please be more specific about what do you mean by a quantum counting
> algorithm. Sometimes I'm not too bright guy :-)

Really? Not here I think. The question *was* and *is* fuzzy.

> Is this what you mean?
> step 1\   |0>
> step 2\   |0> + |1>
> step 3\   |0> + |1> + |2>
> ....

Interesting. Perhaps an electron climbing in some way the energy  
states at carefully chosen frequences?

> or (a classical machine operated by quantum means)
> step 1\   |0>
> step 2\   |1>
> step 3\   |2>
> ....
> or something different :-)

My question has perhaps no sense at all. Is there a notion of quantum  
computation done without any measurement? Is there a purely unitary  
transformation which "augment" the dimensionality of the initial  
quantum machine. Does the notion of universal quantum dovetailing  
makes sense.
I don't find my Shi papers, but from what I remind, it gives some good  
argument about the difficulty of redefining the halting problem  
(halting in which universe? ...).
I have no problem with most quantum algorithm, but no clear idea of  
what really a quantum computation in general can be, despite I have  
few doubt it does really exploits superposed "physical  
realities" (assuming QM, that is the SWE).

Don't worry. Sometimes I'm not too bright guy too :-)



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